E3 2006: Metroid at Wii Launch
Link may have some familiar company come Wii launch day.
By Andrew Joy 05/11/2006 08:02:17 PST

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Metroid Prime 3

It has been confirmed by Retro Studios that Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will indeed be a Nintendo Wii launch title, becoming one of the few Nintendo mascots to actually make it there so far.

From what we’ve heard, so far Metroid Prime 3 is a bit of a mixed bag as far as criticism is concerned. While the game apparently looks good, it doesn’t look great – “hardly better than the GameCube versions” is often heard – and the official word on how well it controls is also still up in the air. Some are saying it is sensitive, at times too sensitive, and that it certainly takes some getting used to. However, the thing to remember with all of these games is that we still have around another 6 months before launch, and a lot of polishing can happen in that time. Let’s just hope it does.

For the latest on the growing list of Wii launch titles, be sure to check back at VGGEN for more of our continuing E3 coverage.

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