New Animal Crossing Wii Details
Wii could be a revolution for the franchise.
By Jared Black 05/16/2006 17:42:12 PST

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Animal Crossing

The Magic Box is reporting that Nintendo's Katsuya Eguchi has revealed a few more tidbits about Animal Crossing for Wii, mostly related to how the controller will be used.  Players will be able to swing the controller to cut down trees, dig holes, and go fishing. 

Non-controller related, Eguchi expanded a little bit on Satoru Iwata's comment during E3 that playes would be able to visit other player's towns while connected via WiiConnect24.  Specifically, he indicated that players will be able to leave notes and gifts for other players as long as they're currently logged in.  No mention was made of further activities in other towns.

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