No Dolby Digital for Wii?
Well, maybe it
By Andrew Joy 05/25/2006 12:15:49 PST

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According to IGN, official documents sent to game studios developing for the Wii are indicating that Nintendo’s next console may not support Dolby Digital 5.1. Earlier this month, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, it was revealed that the games on display were only utilizing Dolby Pro Logic II, same as the GameCube, but it wasn’t clear until now that it would also be the Wii standard.

To core gamers looking for as much of the “next-gen” experience as possible, the lack of surround sound only adds insult to injury considering the lack of HD support on the Wii already, and this may only serve to further distance them from the console. However, with the Wii launch still months away, there is plenty of time for Nintendo to implement it (though I wouldn’t hold my breath)…only time will tell.

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