Wii Remote to have Built-In Mic?
Nintendo is just full of surprises in this hardware generation.
By Jared Black 05/25/2006 15:01:30 PST

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Even after E3's big reveal, Nintendo has hinted at the possibility of the Wiimote having even more functionality that has yet to be revealed. Over the past few days, rumors that the Wii's remote will have a built-in microphone for applications such as VoIP (which is a perfect fit for Nintendo's "always on" WiiConnect24 strategy) have continued to pick up steam.

Now comes word that Nintendo has registered, which a quick WHOIS search on said domain name seems to confirm. While this doesn't confirm that the controller will have a built-in microphone (it could be an attachment after all), it does seem like a very strong possibility at this point. The Wiimote is perfectly designed for it (it's basically the exact same shape as a standard mic), and the DS' built-in microphone has seen decent support from developers. Surely Konami, at the least, would appreciate it a great deal.

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