Bonk Gets His Revenge on Wii VC Monday
Another chance to sample the classic platform franchise.
By Jared Black 04/14/2007 16:05:05 PST

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Bonk's Revenge

As has become customary, Hudson Soft has revealed on its official Virtual Console website which of its TG-16 titles will be released next Monday.

Bonk's Revenge gets the call this coming Monday, and will retail for 600 Wii Points. Hudson's site has a full breakdown of the game's controls, so be sure to check that out if you plan to purchase the game this Monday.

Also rumored for this coming Monday's Virtual Console update are Punch-Out!! and Virtua Fighter 2, both of which have appeared on Nintendo's VC servers in the past few days (viewable via a Firefox hack). This is in no way confirmed of course, and games have appeared on the servers weeks before their actual release in the past, but it's certainly much more likely now that they'll be released soon.

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