Harvest Moon Gets Wii-make in Europe
Magical Melody may undergo a few changes in the U.K.
By Andrew Joy 04/19/2007 11:26:31 PST

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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody

While the rest of the world is waiting and wondering how much farming will be revolutionized when Harvest Moon hits the Wii later this year, it seems Europe may be among the first to know. However, they won’t be getting Harvest Moon Heroes before anyone else, instead, they may in fact be getting a Wii-make.

Though it apparently isn’t set in stone just yet, during an interview with EuroGamer, Yasuhiro Wada revealed that Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is being reworked with Wii-mote functionality for the European market. An excerpt of the interview follows:

Eurogamer: What's the next Harvest Moon game in store for us?

Yasuhiro Wada: We are working on a European version of Magical Melody for the Wii.

[PR person interjects, and there is a short argument about whether or not we're allowed to know about that before Rising Star's Richard Barclay clarifies the matter for us.]

Richard Barclay: We haven't received official confirmation from Nintendo that Rising Star will be a Wii publisher, and we haven't told Nintendo we've told anybody that we'll be releasing Magical Melody, which was a GameCube game, as a Wii game.”

While this is by no means a confirmation, it certainly seems like things are well underway. For many, playing this game again with tacked on controls may not seem particularly fun, but Harvest Moon may be one of those titles that can pull in non-gamers, especially if it is even easier to play (and our review of the GameCube version was very positive). There was no mention of any North American release for the retooled Magical Melody. As always, we will continue to follow this story, and if we learn anything more you’ll see it right here. So check back at VGGEN often!

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