Battle Lode Runner This Monday on Nintendo Wii VC
Indirectly confirms Shockman's release date as well.
By Jared Black 04/21/2007 06:02:09 PST

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Battle Lode Runner

As has become customary, Hudson Soft has revealed early its contribution to next Monday's Wii Virtual Console update.

Battle Lode Runner gets the call this Monday, and will retail for 600 Wii Points as is standard for TG-16 titles. The game features both a puzzle and battle mode, the latter of which allows up to 5 players to battle at once. You'll find more information on the game's official website.

Of course, with only one other Monday left to fill in the month, that should mean that the company's final VC title for April, Shockman, will be released on April 30th. Unless Hudson Soft just wants to screw with us and release it at another time of course, which wouldn't be very nice of them at all. Either way, it'll also retail for 600 Wii Points.

Battle Lode Runner (VC)


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