Pilotwings on Nintendo Wii Rumors Resurface
One of the most expected franchises on Wii looks like a reality.
By Jared Black 06/10/2007 21:33:46 PST

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Rumors of a Pilotwings installment on the Nintendo Wii go as far back as April 2006, but things have been suspiciously quiet ever since we discovered that Hudson's flight game was actually Wing Island, and not another installment in the Nintendo franchise.

Thanks to a retail listing for the game, those rumors have finally resurfaced.  GameStop is now listing Pilotwings for a 12/31/07 release (obviously a placeholder date), retailing for $49.99.  There's absolutely no other info on the game at this time, and as far as we can tell no other retailers are listing it yet, so this could be simple human error.  However, whenever a game is listed at retail but not yet officially announced, usually it turns out to be legitimate, so we're hopeful that an announcement is coming soon.

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