Jenga Towering Over Nintendo Wii?
Classic wood block game looks to be getting a digital remake.
By Andrew Joy 06/20/2007 16:15:16 PST

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As the video game industry has used these past few months to start prepping for the new E3 this July, a number of publishers have released at least a tentative list at some of the titles they plan to show at the event. While it is, of course, not uncommon to see a placeholder or two, the speculation is always very high about what those mystery titles just might be. Well, if a forum member over at NeoGAF is to be believed (a matter of some debate and uncertainty, to be sure), we may now know the identity of Atari’s missing game: Jenga for the Nintendo Wii.

While the poster offers no real proof of his claims, he states that he received his appointments with Atari - remember, this time around, E3 is going to be much more business-like, instead of the running-of-the-bulls type of escapade we used to know and love - the list included that new game. Traditionally more skeptical around here, we do have to admit that it does seem likely, although Atari will offer no comment on the subject as of yet.

Of course, we’re backing up our own opinion with proof that Jenga seems to be experiencing a sort of renaissance at the moment, with a mobile phone version announced just this week. Apart from that, one simply has to note that the game itself seems a perfect fit for Nintendo’s new console (and the DS, for that matter), though a full-priced retail version might turn some off, rather than a cheap, downloadable title along the lines of Uno for Xbox Live Arcade.

However, for the time being, the Wii version of Jenga will remain listed as a rumor in our database until such a time that we can confirm (or deny) the title. As always, we will continue to keep an eye on this story and if we learn anything more, you can be sure we’ll keep you up to date. So, be sure to check back at VGGEN often!

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