D3 to Unleash Dragon Blade on Wii
Exclusive title built with the Wii in mind.
By Jared Black 06/21/2007 19:31:32 PST

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Dragon Blade

D3PUblisher of America announced today that it will release Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire exclusively for the Nintendo Wii this September. Dragon Blade is a 3rd person action-adventure where players control a fierce dragon and its magical powers. The Wii Remote and Nunchuk work together to allow control of the dragon's arms, wings, tail, fire, and more throughout the game's 20 unique environments and 6 worlds.

Dragon Blade is one the few hack n slash games that will be available on the Wii this fall and the development team, Land Ho, has done a great job to fully utilize the Wii controls so players will experience parallel movement between themselves and the game avatar like never before, said Yoji Takenaka, executive vice president and chief operations officer, D3PA. With its arcade style pick-up and play gameplay, we expect Dragon Blade to appeal to gamers of all ages.

Gameplay isn't all D3 is touting, as the game also features an original storyline by DragonLance author (and various game-based books as well) Richard A. Knaak. Visually, the game already looks pretty good, but you can see that for yourself in the trailer here.

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