Nintendo Wii Unofficially Getting Red Steel 2
Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Google Translation.
By Andrew Joy 06/27/2007 12:42:21 PST

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Red Steel

To say this next story suffers from a bit of a language barrier would be a misrepresentation of the facts. There is no language barrier. Instead, there is an entire language wasteland, filled with horrible language monster, unscrupulous and mutated language outcasts and violent language storms twisting you around at every turn. However, despite that, we feel confident enough in it to inform you that French video game developer and publisher Ubisoft has seemingly confirmed Red Steel 2 for the Nintendo Wii.

Since the release of the original Red Steel, which was more or less panned by critics everywhere, Ubisoft has been dropping hints about a sequel like they were Mardi Gras beads, though never coming right out and confirming it. However, from thinly veiled comments from the staff to new job postings for the company, an official acknowledgement was really the only thing missing, and it would seem we now have that.

According to French website Inpact Virtuel, Ubisoft revealed the game’s existence at an event in Cannes, and from what we understand, it sounds like they intend to address many of the issues from the original game, including a complete overhaul of the controls, as well as the inclusion of online play.

Unfortunately, as we’ve said, this is more than a mere language barrier, so these details are subject to change (or be outright denied) before all is said and done. As always, we will continue to watch this story and keep you up to date if anything changes. If we learn anything more about Red Steel 2, you can be sure you’ll see it right here, so check back at VGGEN often!

Red Steel 2


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