Nintendo Wii Review: Link’s Crossbow Training
That perfect marriage of Zelda and Duck Hunt. Wait, what?
By VGGEN Staff 12/11/2007 16:45:16 PST

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Link’s Crossbow Training

Thanks to its controller’s light-gun-esque IR pointer, gamers have been calling for a new Duck Hunt game ever since the Wii burst onto the scene at E3 2005 (when it was still codenamed Revolution). We’ve had no luck so far, though. Rumors of a Virtual Console version of the NES original (however unlikely) have continued to crop up every few months, and Nintendo even came close to delivering a new one with the "Wii Bust a Cap" portion of Wii Play, but it left a lot to be desired (like that grinning dog at the bottom of the screen). All hope is not lost, however, as Link’s Crossbow Training goes (in my opinion, at least) above and beyond anything the hallowed Duck Hunt ever achieved.

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