Wii Review: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
A Pyrrhic victory.
By VGGEN Staff 01/17/2008 18:59:18 PST

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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

Company of Heroes. Medal of Honor. Hearts of Iron. Call of Duty. What do they all have in common? Middle name? No. They are all video games set in the rich backdrop of World War II, and gamers have always had a lot of choices in that area, especially when it comes to first-person shooters (where the titles start to branch out and include things like “in”). For my money, I’ve come to prefer that last franchise, I’m not really sure why. Is it that Infinity Ward seems to put a lot of hard work and (I presume) love into each and every title they work on, or simply because the acronym is also a fish? It’s hard to say. However, the Medal of Honor series is no slouch either, and – if the Modern Combat of Call of Duty 4 isn’t for you – I hear Airborne is about the most authentic WWII experience available on “next-gen” consoles today. Unfortunately, MoH (see, no fish there) has been in so many hands, including some that went on to craft CoD, that the series has been a veritable roller coaster ride of quality. I'm sorry to say that the latest game in the series, Medal of Honor: Heroes 2, isn’t immune either, and suffers from quite a bit of inconsistency throughout the entire game. The game is filled with so many ups and downs that the real question becomes whether or not its small victories are worth its losses. The answer all depends on what you’re looking for.

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