Nintendo Wii to Get ‘Lost in Blue’?
Gamefly strikes again.
By VGGEN Staff 01/30/2008 12:36:45 PST

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Lost in Blue on DS

Online video game renter Gamefly is no stranger to letting the cat out of the bag early, listing all sorts of titles long before they were officially announced by their respective publishers. In particular, the site has revealed a number of titles for the Nintendo Wii early, and it appears that it has listed another.

Gamefly now has a listing for a Wii version of Konami's Lost in Blue franchise, previously found on the Nintendo DS. Although it only has a placeholder release date of 08/30/08 on the site, the series' stylus-based gameplay should work well on the platform (you can read our reviews of the two DS installments here and here), and Gamefly's past successes make the release seem incredibly likely.

We'll let you know if/when Konami officially announces Lost in Blue for Wii.

Source: Gamefly

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