Strong Bad Adds Classiness to WiiWare and PC
Everybody! Everybody! Everybody, la da da de do!
By VGGEN Staff 04/10/2008 07:29:15 PST

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Strong Bad

Since discovering Flash-based website in the early part of this decade, the site has been a regular stop for me and one of my guilty Internet pleasures. What started as a comic developed in Mario Paint of all things has consistently been one of the funniest sites on the 'net, and eventually spawned a number of Flash games that are generally more fun than they ever should be (we’re particularly fond of Peasant's Quest).

True fans know of course that the real star of the site is not Homestar Runner himself, but rather his arch-enemy Strong Bad. Now the brothers Chaps have partnered with Telltale, creators of the equally-hilarious Sam & Max series, to announce Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People for WiiWare and PC. Much like Sam & Max, SBCG4AP will be released as a five episode season, with new episodes to be released monthly starting in June.

Telltale promises that it is working closely with the Chapmans on the series' art, storylines and scripts. Each episode will play like an extended cartoon, where players can delve into the hilariously pathetic world of Strong Bad by controlling his actions, hearing his thoughts, and interacting with numerous characters all voiced by their original voice actors. The story-driven series will also feature dialogue-based puzzles, inventory items, and time-wasters including Strong Bad emails (yay!), prank calls, and mini-games based on those found on the site.

" is one of the biggest success stories in online entertainment," says Telltale CEO Dan Connors. "The Chapmans have been treating the Internet to episodic content for years. We're thrilled to have teamed up with them to take episodic gaming to the next level via Nintendo's innovative WiiWare delivery system."

"Telltale has been rejecting my ideas for green text adventures for years," laments thousandaire gadabout Strong Bad, "but we finally reached a compromise with this puffy 3D point-and-click-em-up adventure. They claim all the coding was done with green text, so I guess that's pretty cool."

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