Nintendo Dates Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus
The pack-in follow-up and add-on now slated for June and July.
By Andrew Joy 04/14/2009 13:37:04 PST

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It's coming...

While many were left disappointed by it, this past E3 also brought some much welcome news for a number of Nintendo fans. For one thing, the console and video game maker announced that Wii Sports, the motion-sensitive pack-in game for its oh-so-popular console, would be getting a sequel featuring a number of new activities (including Frisbee, jet skiing and sword fighting). However, while Wii Sports Resort may not have been quite what the more hard core gamer was looking for, Nintendo still managed to turn a few heads with Wii MotionPlus, a new peripheral that greatly increases the motion-sensing capabilities of the Wii Remote, allowing it to more accurately translate your movements on-screen. And, today, Nintendo finally announced a release date for both products. Wii Sports Resort, which comes packaged with Wii MotionPlus, will arrive in stores on July 26th (and retail for $49.99 USD), while the add-on itself can be picked up separately and ahead of time on June 8th (with a price tag of $19.99). For more information on Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus, be sure to check out the official press release below:

REDMOND, Wash., April 14, 2009 - Nintendo is setting the stage for a blockbuster summer with the announcement of two hotly anticipated product releases. The new Wii MotionPlus™ accessory will hit U.S. retailers on June 8, taking the motion-sensing controls of the popular Wii™ system to new levels of precision and performance. What's more, these control enhancements will be on vibrant display when the Wii Sports Resort™ game launches on July 26, offering a beach-themed follow-up to the groundbreaking Wii Sports™ game. Wii Sports comes packed with the Wii console. It grew into a worldwide phenomenon and continues to attract millions of new players to the world of video games. Each Wii Sports Resort game comes packed with a single Wii MotionPlus accessory.

When used with specially designed games, Wii MotionPlus tracks players' movements in finer detail and with greater accuracy than ever before, building upon the innovative wireless function of the motion-sensing Wii Remote™ controller. Even the slightest twist of the wrist or turn of the body is replicated exactly on the TV screen, allowing users to become even more immersed in Wii game play. Designed for easy attachment to the Wii Remote controller, the Wii MotionPlus accessory will be offered at an MSRP of $19.99.

Wii Sports Resort takes the inclusive, fun and intuitive controls of the original Wii Sports to the next level, introducing a whole new set of entertaining and physically immersive activities. With the deep control enhancements of Wii MotionPlus, veteran Wii users and newcomers alike can enjoy unprecedented gaming precision as they cruise on a water scooter, duel with swords, throw a Frisbee® and much more. Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus will be offered together at an MSRP of $49.99.

"Wii MotionPlus represents a new evolution in video game control. The variety of fun games in Wii Sports Resort show off its incredible precision," said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. "Developers around the world are busy working on new ways to incorporate Wii MotionPlus controls into inventive experiences for consumers."

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