E3 2006: Wii Gets Exclusive Sonic Title
The blue hedgehog blazes a trail to Nintendo
By Andrew Joy 05/09/2006 06:49:24 PST

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As part of its Road to E3 (six words that by now I’m sure you’re tired of hearing), Sega has made another big announcement. Today it’s their speedy, blue mascot in a game that is tentatively titled Sonic Wild Fire – and it’s headed only to the Nintendo Wii.

While Sonic may be getting the next-gen treatment on other consoles as well, Wild Fire is being designed exclusively for Nintendo’s next-gen system. We know few key details at this point, but we do know that Sega is keeping the Nintendo Wii controller paramount in its gameplay.

“Sonic Wild Fire and the innovative Wii controller changes the way gamers play interactive entertainment,” Sega of America’s Vice President Scott A. Steinberg said in the press release.  “SEGA is excited to lead the gameplay revolution through its support of Wii with a Sonic release built exclusively for this new system.”

To control Sonic, players will hold the Wii controller horizontally, between their two hands, almost like the handlebars on a bicycle. As Sonic runs, players will tilt the controller side to side to steer him through the course and around obstacles. When it’s needed, players merely fling the controller (it's unclear whether this is a single-handed swinging motion or a shove towards the screen) for Sonic to use his Dash Attack which will take down both foes and barriers alike. There is also an emphasis on multiplayer mini-games (since Sonic will be going solo in story mode) when players aren’t in the main game, which should prove to be frantic, controller-based fun.

The story of Sonic Wild Fire takes place in the world of Arabian Nights, the classic Middle Eastern collection of tales, though the last pages of the story have gone missing. With Sonic there to help tell how the story ends, players will race through a myriad of lush and challenging environments, from gilded palaces to desert oases, with themed obstacles around every corner to challenge the player and evolve Sonic.

Unfortunately Sonic Wild Fire will not be a Nintendo Wii launch title, but we will see it sometime in 2007.  More details are bound to come out about this intriguing new entry in the Sonic series, so keep checking back at VGGEN.

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