Liveblogging the Nintendo E3 2009 Press Conference
What new surprises can we expect for the Nintendo Wii and DS?
By Jared Black 06/02/2009 10:15:11 PST

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Well, what can we expect? I predict a new Zelda, a new Mario, and Nintendo still hasn't learned its lesson about being too casual-oriented at a gaming convention. – 06/02/09 08:55:36 PDT

La la la, la la la laaaaaa – 06/02/09 09:00:31 PDT

We start off with the obligatory “everyone enjoying Wii and DS” montage. Nothing new or particularly exciting here. – 06/02/09 09:07:12 PDT

Cammie kicks us off. We all share a connection with video games, an industry bigger than...well...everything pretty much. – 06/02/09 09:08:36 PDT

Nintendo is working to build its audience by creating and surprising. – 06/02/09 09:09:33 PDT

New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo Wii...4 player co-op, old-school 2D graphics. Miyamoto’s latest baby. – 06/02/09 09:11:35 PDT

I wouldn't exactly call a new 2D Mario new, but it looks very fun. – 06/02/09 09:12:36 PDT

New Super Mario Bros. for Wii playable this week, launches Holiday 2009. – 06/02/09 09:13:19 PDT

Next up is Wii Fit, Cammie discusses how successful it has been. The Balance Board is now “a separate gaming platform”. – 06/02/09 09:14:18 PDT

Wii Fit Plus confirmed, focuses on being virtual locker room. Can now omit interludes between exercises, target specific areas. – 06/02/09 09:15:45 PDT

15 new balance games in Wii Fit “Brain Age for your backside” and includes a mile run in Mario’s shoes – 06/02/09 09:17:05 PDT

Wii Fit Plus available bundled with Balance Board, or software only. – 06/02/09 09:17:23 PDT

Reggie’s turn! – 06/02/09 09:17:56 PDT

Reggie explains that interface is the key: first Wii Remote, then Nunchuk, then Balance Board, now Wii MotionPlus. – 06/02/09 09:19:41 PDT

Wii MotionPlus adds precision trailer plays with examples including ping-pong, basketball, sword-fighting. Hooray 2008! Oh, wait... – 06/02/09 09:21:32 PDT

Bill Trinnen is back onscreen again to demonstrate Wii Sports Resort. – 06/02/09 09:23:42 PDT

The game now kicks off with jumping out of a gameplay. MotionPlus spins you around, grabs other skydivers, dives down to speed up, etc. All done without button presses. – 06/02/09 09:24:45 PDT

It does look like a good intro to MotionPlus itself, but not incredible. – 06/02/09 09:25:41 PDT

Next demo is of archery, including the impact of wind. Looks pretty good...could make archery in a Zelda title more realistic. – 06/02/09 09:27:12 PDT

Bill and Reggie now competing in a three point shooting contest. Laaaaaame back and forth banter. – 06/02/09 09:28:29 PDT

Yeah, I'm totally buying that this back and forth banter is completely off the cuff. – 06/02/09 09:29:24 PDT

Reggie wins by 2. Shooting looks pretty realistic. – 06/02/09 09:30:29 PDT

Wii Sports Resort confirmed for July 26th, as is the Tiger Woods bundle and Virtua Tennis supporting it. – 06/02/09 09:31:37 PDT

Red Steel 2 confirmed to require Wii MotionPlus. – 06/02/09 09:32:14 PDT

More third party games sold for Wii and DS than any other platforms according to Reggie. Nintendo’s still fighting the perception that third parties can't thrive on a Nintendo platform apparently. – 06/02/09 09:32:57 PDT

Trailer for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers shown, will support MotionPlus. It lives! – 06/02/09 09:34:10 PDT

Short trailer for Kingdom Hearts shown for DS. Looks good for a DS game. – 06/02/09 09:35:31 PDT

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is shown, looks a lot like the GBA incarnations but fun nevertheless. – 06/02/09 09:36:41 PDT

Mario & Luigi in North America and Europe this fall – 06/02/09 09:37:15 PDT

Golden Sun DS announced, looks on par with other DS RPGs graphic-wise. What took them so long? – 06/02/09 09:38:22 PDT

Cammie is back to show off three innovative titles. – 06/02/09 09:38:54 PDT

Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion announced for DS. An adventure game on DS is innovative? – 06/02/09 09:40:09 PDT

Ubisoft is bringing Cop: The Recruit to Nintendo DS. Open world action game similar to GTA, looks really good. – 06/02/09 09:41:37 PDT

Style Savvy being shown now, because we need more teenage-aimed girl titles on DS. – 06/02/09 09:42:22 PDT

DSi trailer time, interviews with gamers of all shapes and sizes (of course) talking about how great it is. – 06/02/09 09:44:11 PDT

Total DSi sales in America have passed 1 million units in two months, and 400,000 more DS Lites sold in the same time. – 06/02/09 09:45:22 PDT

People create and share entertainment, not just consume it these days. Movie maker Flip Notes Studio announced, available this summer. – 06/02/09 09:46:26 PDT

New Mario vs. Donkey Kong will allow players to design levels from the ground up. – 06/02/09 09:46:44 PDT

Minis March Again playable at E3, and available as DSiWare only June 8th. – 06/02/09 09:47:35 PDT

WarioWare DIY lets players design microgames from scratch. – 06/02/09 09:48:47 PDT

This summer, DSi owners can upload and share customized DSi photos on Facebook.  – 06/02/09 09:49:24 PDT

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks playable at E3 this week. – 06/02/09 09:50:16 PDT

Iwata now onstage – 06/02/09 09:51:48 PDT

People are either gamers, might someday play, or will never play. Iwata wants to win over the maybes. – 06/02/09 09:52:46 PDT

295 million people actively playing games in Japan/US/Europe, but 149 million still in the might category. – 06/02/09 09:53:22 PDT

Big opportunity for Nintendo, even if Iwata's numbers aren't cited or sourced. – 06/02/09 09:53:55 PDT

Best games used to be those that required the most advanced skills, now making it easier is key. – 06/02/09 09:55:34 PDT

Iwata claims its possible to create products for both advanced and beginners, Mario Kart Wii was such a title that appealed to all. – 06/02/09 09:56:35 PDT

New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports Resort are two other such titles that should appeal to everyone. – 06/02/09 09:57:14 PDT

Brain Age trained the brain, Wii Fit trained the body, Wii Vitality Sensor monitors pulse, nervousness, etc. – 06/02/09 09:58:59 PDT

Wii Vitality Sensor can be used to help people unwind, fall to sleep. No specific titles announced for it yet though. – 06/02/09 10:00:44 PDT

Cammie is back, and back to Mario. – 06/02/09 10:01:15 PDT

New 3D Mario for Wii: ridable Yoshi, looks like follow-up to Galaxy. – 06/02/09 10:01:56 PDT

Yep, Super Mario Galaxy 2. Graphics seemed to be improved over the first (so it looks great), new environments, enemies, etc. – 06/02/09 10:04:04 PDT

Reggie admits he knows people want more from third-parties. – 06/02/09 10:04:40 PDT

Examples that deliver more exclusive to Wii in 2009: The Conduit from Sega.  – 06/02/09 10:05:22 PDT

Next: Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles trailer. – 06/02/09 10:06:21 PDT

Another example: Dead Space: Extraction from EA. – 06/02/09 10:07:33 PDT

Reggie teases a new edgy game from Nintendo itself... – 06/02/09 10:09:02 PDT

It's from Team Ninja... – 06/02/09 10:09:30 PDT

And it's...a trailer showing a futuristic society....Metroid: Other M. Woah. – 06/02/09 10:10:23 PDT

The trailer is very impressive, looks darker than previous trilogy, Samus seems to have an actual personality. Coming 2010. – 06/02/09 10:11:15 PDT

And that's it for Nintendo apparently... – 06/02/09 10:13:09 PDT

Kind of an abrupt ending, but definitely a better show than last year. Still a little too preachy about reaching everyone, but some nice surprises in Galaxy 2 and Metroid: Other M, and several other game announcements that will be surefire hits like New Super Mario Bros. Wii.  – 06/02/09 10:14:30 PDT

Fin. – 06/02/09 10:15:11 PDT

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